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Longhorn Kenya Limited is a publishing company founded in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1965 and is listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.


To be the number one and most reputable publisher in Eastern Africa.


To publish to international standards products that maximize stakeholder value.


Longhorn Kenya Limited commonly known as Longhorn, is the largest book publisher in the East African region. Its headquarters are located in Nairobi, Kenya, with subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and distribution in Malawi and Rwanda.

Longhorn Publishers is a leading provider of core and non-core learning materials within the East African region. Longhorn has been in existence as a wholly Kenyan-owned company for the last 14 years and has subsidiaries in Uganda and Tanzania. Over this period, Longhorn has grown to become a household visionary publisher of choice, with textbooks that are trusted by teachers and learners across the region.

Longhorn has contributed immensely in the implementation of education programmes in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania through the provision of textbooks that fully meet the curriculum requirements of the respective countries.

In 2007, the company acquired the SASA SEMA brand, which was re-launched as a Longhorn imprint. Sasa Sema provides reference books, creative works, biographies and general knowledge books to cater for the unmet needs and thus provide a balanced diet, always aiming at Expanding Minds.

Longhorn is the only publisher with full approval by the Ministry of Education in 12 key subjects for secondary schools. As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility, Longhorn continues to support community initiatives and deserving institutions.


Longhorn Kenya Limited operations commenced in Kenya in May 1965 as Longmans of Kenya a wholly owned subsidiary of Longman Group International of the United Kingdom. Its main business was selling and promotion of Longman publications published in UK. In December 1969, the company changed name to Longman Kenya Limited. It was only until the 1970s when the company began printing locally. A government decision in the early 1990s led to the ban of importation of textbooks.

This initiative led to reduced margins thus led to Longman gradually reducing its shareholding in the business due to unattractive returns. In 1993, Longman UK fully divested from the company when it sold its remaining 40% shareholding to Kenyan investors includingCentum Investment Company. As a result of this divestiture, the company changed its name to Longhorn Kenya Limited.

In October 1995, Longhorn incorporated Longhorn Publishers Uganda as its first foreign subsidiary in Uganda. It later incorporated Longhorn Publishers Tanzania Limited in May 2005. As a sales and promotions outfit for products developed by Longhorn Kenya. Longhorn entered the Rwanda and Malawi markets in 2009 through agents.

Longhorn shares were listed on the NSE on 30 May 2012 through Introduction. This made it the only first publishing firm to go public in an industry valued at KES 12 billion in Kenya alone.

In March 2015, The group announced its intention to re-brand Longhorn Kenya to Longhorn Publishers to give it a regional look before proceeding to cross-list its share on the Dar es Salaam, Uganda and the Rwanda Stock Exchanges.



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