Maseno School

Brief History 

Maseno School was established in 1906 by the CMS led by Rev IT Willis who was its first head teacher. Rev Willis was a missionary statesman with broad humanity and deep love and tolerance for his fellow men. He gave the peopleof Kavirondo the first impetus towards formal education.

The motto of the school is, “Perseverance shall win through’

The Vision: To be the National School of Choice

The  Mission: To   foster  and   promote   holistic   education and to train students  who  are  capable  of contributing  competent!} to global development

The school is guided by a set of core values that forms the six pillars of the School namely:

  • Exemplary Discipline
  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Voluntary Service
  • Outstanding performance in out-of-class activities

Over the years, leadership has changed hands with each head teacher leaving liis indelible imprints of achievement on the school Notable early school leaders was

Mr. Edward Carey Francis (1928 1940) whose revolutionary ideas changed Maseno School’s academic outlook as the school made a firm move forward to become one of the outstanding schools in East Africa in all aspects.