Sharon Valentine – Marion Preparatory School

Dear Mr. President,


I remember it wasn’t long ago that Kenya was not digitalized, but now the world is changing and technology is here! You personally made a promise to us that you would improve our ways of learning by giving us laptops. Through that our lives would revolve to a whole new world.

At school we get homework and almost every day, we go back home with back breaking bags. Most of our backs aches and we end up missing school so that we could go to hospital. On the other hand, teachers dress up very elegantly in their ebony black suits only to come and make them dirty through the dusty black board.

At times when l have forgotten a concept and am at homely have to struggle really hard for me to remember it .Sometimes it also very challenging for me to reach school since the distance from home to school is pretty far. I also have to worry about reaching to class late since lf you get late you are locked out. Most of the timely get into trouble with the teachers for either not finishing my homework or forgetting my books at home.

Mr. President if we had the hi-tech gadgets you promised us our life would be a whole new much better world. For instance if we had the laptops we wouldn’t have to carry back breaking bags to school, but instead we would just carry our comfortable laptop bags. Life would be very easy for us through the emergence of hi-tech gadgets like tablets, I-phones, e-board and laptops.

The web sites on the internet like Msingi would be of great help to us. They are used for revision in various schools, personally l would like to be a great benefiter of it since it looks very educational. Instead of the teacher using his time to mark books for students or to make sure that each student has done the work, he just asks the pupils to e-mail him the work they have done.

Instead of us using fare to go to school, we just video chat with the teacher so that he can tell us what he would like us to do for the day. Since every pupil would like to have or experience this type of learning I don’t think that when we get to have this kind of fun we will live to regret it.

There is also the emerge of WhatsApp. This is a social media web site. It might seem like a waste of time to some parents but the truth is that it is a bundle of help to most of us. The pupils can work hand in hand with the teacher so that they will get to understand a certain topic that they did not understand. It also gives the teacher an opportunity to get to know which subject that the pupils are weak in. Teachers also get to learn from students on how to make their style of learning and teaching better.

There is also the advent of google. If a pupil is given homework to search for something, they simply use google. It is much faster and even better than the rest. There you can use any sort of language that you are comfortable with. Google is normally meant for people to search things from it, and we pupils would greatly benefit from it.

These laptops that you will provide for us can greatly help us in revision. Most pupils are used to depend on their teachers and books for revision but once we get this laptops none of us will live to regret it. We would also became digitalized through the hi-tech gadgets that will be in our use. We would also learn how to use computers and so much more.

The teachers will also be great benefiters of it. They won’t have to come to school almost every day since their work will be a lot more easier through the following; they won’t have to board buses very early in the morning since they will now be using skype and e-mail. They also won’t have to worry about who will not attend the lessons since they will just give the homework through skype, WhatsApp and e-mail.

Through the hi-tech laptops, the teachers will not have to complain about some pupil’s illegible hand writing, since the laptops have variety of handwritings to choose from, which most of them are very pleasing. Some teachers also have illegible handwritings which the pupils can’t be able to read and understand, but through the variety of handwritings which the computer has it will be very easy.

Some of the teachers also get tired when they try to make pupils understand a certain concept and they can’t, and most of the time they bellow while addressing us but once we get these laptops the teachers won’t have to communicate harshly to us since by that time most of us would have learnt how to use these hi-tech gadgets. Actually through these they will be able to get to learn our weaknesses and they will have time to make us get rid of them.

The advent of new hi-tech gadgets will save us a lot of money. From bus fare, to stationery stuff expenses, to maintainers, to buying books every time, that is one budget that no parent wants to here. If all that money is rounded up it is enough to use for buying data bundles which one can use for skype and WhatsApp.

With all those remarks, bid you goodbye and hope that you will fulfill your promise of giving us laptops.