Velvin Chebet Samuel – Moi Girls High School, Eldoret

Dear Mr. President, my life as a digital learner has taken a whole new dimension. One whose definition cannot be limited to all the words which the English dictionary has to offer. School is no longer a prison where the leaders of tomorrow are transformed into academic zombies. Learning itself has not been limited to the classroom. It can be acquired anywhere and everywhere. The digital world has influenced learning so much that I cannot help but marvel, can you?

For a long time. The word “fun” has been an oversize vocabulary that could never fit into school those who loved education were considered out of their minds. Weirdoes. However, such cases were quite rare because the young generation always seem to think alike. Likewise, it is for this very reason that I write on behalf of all other learners in Kenya

The use of projectors to explain an academic concept s extremely fascination .long gone are the days when we used to sleep during lessons. Who would dare miss out on this entertaining experience? Our teachers are now better equipped with modern technology. Quick internet enable them to carry out quick research on issues that raise doubt. More so, teachers all over the country can connect, interact freely, exchange ideas, share their experiences and motivate each other. The result of that is a happy, well-learned student and a satisfied teacher.

Every time I look at a flat-screen, digital computer, my heart melts with pure excitement. The digital revolution, as I like to term it, has swept away all ‘analogue’ mentalities and has transformed education in ways I would have never imagined. Digital watches, digital cameras, digital phones, digital computers, digital televisions, name them. Life is now ten times easier and well-advance. Information is only a tap away. Our fingers seem to be burdened with all the work, but I believe it is something they can get used to.

It is an open secret that young people are always he black sheep of nation. If not immortality, it crime. These vice are characterized by idleness well, believe it or not, change is in the air. Look around, observe. We now have better things to do with our time pother that twerking our moral away in parties. The internet is keeping us occupied. Many young people now prefer to stay at home and watch the television or browser on the internet.

Every young person dislikes boring lectures. That is why they do bit listen when being advised. It is such a waste to have us sit all day long, lecture us on how to conduct over selves this way, that way: the dos and don’ts of life. We are young, vibrant and energetic. We need entertainment, action, interaction. Something to make us concentrate. On that note, I congratulate you. Mr. President. It is evident that technology has been used to enhance guiding and counselling sessions. For sure, it is working miracles.

The internet is easily accessible, all thanks to the reliable Wi-Fi connections. This has enable us to get information about drug abuse, its effects and ways of avoiding it. Many other challenges that we encounter can be researched and solved. Vulgar and obscene language is considered a taboo among the learned of today our grades are scaling to greater heights. We are gradually fitting into the modern world. I can even email my teachers: even when I am not in school, they can follow me up on my academic progress. Take another example, the exchange programmers in school. It is amazing how distance has been reduced to nothing but an illusion!

Personally, I have been able to improve my talent. It is possible to learn how to draw, cook, paint, dance or play a musical instrument. How? We have Google, you tube and many other websites which offer such privileges. Learning is what every young person desires today. Callus the digerati. It would be an understatement. Mr. President, I can never thank you enough.

Much has been mentioned concerning the positive aspects of this digital revolution on learning. We all have our rose-colored spectacles on.  Let us take them off. We cannot go into denial. We simply cannot pretend that we are not aware of the negative side. Of course, there are numerous and insecurity are among the conspicuous problems.  The ones I am struggling with as a digital learner. What WE are fighting. Something has to be done. Fast.

I was never born an expert in problem solving. Neither am o the national consultant on matters affection the youth: but I am a victim. I believe there are certain measures which can be taken to fight the three challenges. Pornography is a major concern. Usually, it is embarrassing for Kenyans to talk about it.  This kind of attitude is what encourages it to spread among young people. It all begins in the mind. It is also very addictive. Nobody can freely talk about such an addiction, especially not a young person. For this reason, psychiatrists and counsellors should be allowed to have personal, online consultation in schools. More so, it should be made strictly accessible by adults only. What if pornography videos were banned? Wouldn’t we e humming a different tune?

The digital devices can easily be accessed by the rich people. It is not realistic that the government should buy every citizen a mobile phone, but how I wish that w-fi was free of charge within the geographical boundaries of Kenya. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Closed circuit Televisions (CCTVs) should be installed, external in institutions of higher learning. This will curb internal insecurity, external insecurity and cheating in examination. It is definite not a guarantee. But it is worth a try. Mobile phones are powerful tools. Fact. If they were legalized in schools, learning would connect with their teachers easily and access the internet easily. After all, aren’t mobile phones cheaper that laptops?

All in all, I appreciate the fact that Kenya’s education is rapidly advancing. The world is growing into a digital village. I am proud that Kenya is part of it. Maybe my solution seem insane, maybe that is how much I want  the best for my country and maybe; just maybe, that is how much  I love Kenya.