Zamzam Suleiman – Little Angels Primary School


Niccola Milnes (Field Masham) presenting a gift to Zamzam

Dear Mr. President,


I hope that this letter reaches you in the best of health. Firstly, I wish to thank you for your trailblazing policy on digital learning. Your bold move to purchase tablets for schools is welcome and commendable.

Digital learning is a paperless system where one uses computers for communication, that is, sending and receiving information. Learners use keyboard as “pens” for writing. The information written is saved in a computer or flash disk.

Whenever pupils want to study, a file previously saved is opened and the information accessed. This spares pupils the burden of carrying heavy school bags which causes backaches, bad posture and terrible gaits.

Many years before education was digitalized, people were struggling with the expensive life of buying very many books, pens, bags, accommodation, transport, fare and school fees. Life was very hard and expensive.

For example, parents had to buy textbooks, exercise books, pens and pencils for their children with a lot of money while digital pupils use e-books which are cost effective.

Digital content can actually save money for schools and parents. Pupils can download information by visiting educational websites in more moments adding a new way for students to engage in materials for teachers to enhance learning experience.

Traditional textbooks in analogue took more time to be printed and some of the contents is cut of date before they are even published properly. It is opposite to digital learning whereby digital content is easier to modify as information changes.

Learners and teachers can easily and quickly download new versions to ensure they have the most up-to-date information.

The need to submit an assignment by hand is gone. Instead of reading textbooks we receive tablets that are pre-loaded with digital platform which allows pupils and teachers to interact. Pupils submit up to eight assignments at a time within a click of a button.

Technology is all around us. It can provide us with information, entertainment and even other odd facts. In my own views, I believe digital education has brought more benefits than harms.

Some people multi-task by going to work and schooling by distance learning. It also helps people save money they could have used have used for accommodation and transport fee. The pupil can also be given examination through technology.

Pupils in the earlier days used to wait for the national examination’s results for approximately a month while on the other hand, digitalized pupils just send their index number and by some minutes they could receive their results.

When looking for a secondary school, you just apply and you get the results and the performance of the school while the pupils who were in the analogue days were forced to travel to every county and school to secure admission.

Digital learning is the best innovating to happen since sliced bread was introduced. I thank you profoundly for promoting and supporting digital education.