Note from Moran Publishers, CEO

In an society where the common mwananchi considers education as an expenditure rather than an investment, and where the same education / knowledge is also being taxed, many publishers in Kenya are finding themselves being pulled towards what is considered an increasingly intricate digital vortex where pricing models would be more reasonable to the consumer in respect to the costs of production.

A survey that was done by Bain & Company, revealed that people tend to read more when equipped with digital books and the majority of these readers can afford to pay for the e-books. Does this happen because they find these e-books more affordable?

The transition from the conventional print books to digital books, however, will not happen overnight. Basically, the publishing industry will not be shoved and pushed the way it happened in the music industry some time back, when new technologies set in. There still remains a large number of people both in the urban and rural settings whose attachment to flipping pages is unwavering.

Owning digital devices which one must have in order to access digital books is still considered a privilege of the affluent – the number of people willing to access information on this new technology is similarly high but lack of the said appropriate hardware is a hindrance. Security, handling and storage are some of the other issues highlighted as a major cause of delay for this evolution especially here in Kenya

At Moran E.A. Publishers, we consider ourselves as a revolutionary publishing house and some of our internationally recognized string of titles available in digital format includes the ECDE Workbooks, Breakthrough Workbooks and Golden Tips revision books, for both primary and secondary levels. Our uncountable readers with varied themes i.e. moral lessons, integrity and character, can also be accessed in digital format.

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Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                               David Muita, CEO