Note From CEO – February 2016 newsletter Issue

Dear friends,

Many of you saw media coverage last week of KPA Chairman David Waweru at KICD declaring the readiness of Kenya’s publishing industry to deliver digital content without delay for success of the government’s Digital Literacy Programme.  David made his remarks to CS MOEST Matiang’i briefly, directly, and with the positivity and engaging demeanor that grace his style.

And whether DLP is in fact a Dreamliner as David suggested, or PS Kipsang’s “train” that has left the station, one thing is clear:  the tickets for passage are ebooks and interactive materials, KICD-approved for the Kenyan curriculum.

Congratulations to David and KPA for registering succinctly and publicly with MOE the facts and figures of KPA’s readiness.  I hope I am not too optimistic, but it seems only a matter of time now before the doors of DLP finally open to welcome the hopeful passengers.  At eKitabu we are working for this vision to come true.

Here is the link to the article:

In other news, the Digital Essay Competition question for 2016 has been approved for all schools countrywide in Kenya in English and Kiswahili!  The essay question is here:

Lastly, as many of you are preparing for the KICD submission deadline our team wishes you all the energy you need to make your submissions and good luck to get the approvals swiftly!

With warmest regards,