Marion Preparatory School DEC Regional Kickoff


eKitabu held a DEC Regional Kickoff for Kasarani Schools in Nairobi at Marion Preparatory School. The crowd was excited, keen and the students especially were really interested in the competition. From the few questions asked at the end of the program it was clear that they had all the necessary information about the competition participation, questions and timelines. The invited guests showed a lot of support in DEC and made the students have anticipation of involvement in the competition.


Schools in Attendance

1. Marion Preparatory School

2. Hekima Bora Primary

3. Rainbow Academy

4. Providence Academy

5. Marion Farm house

6. Thika Road Christian School

Teachers in Attendance

1. Teacher Mwazemba – Marion Preparatory School

2. Mr. Kagunda- Marion Preparatory School

3. Tchr. Peter – Hekima Bora

4. Kathleen Kiagiri- Thika Road Christian School

5. Jane Kibisu – Thika Road Christian School

6. Naomi Wendot- Thika Road Christian School

7. Tchr. Steve Biko – Rainbow Academy

8. Simon Muthama- Providence Academy

9. Kennedy Kola- Marion Farmhouse

Speakers/Dignitaries/Special Guests in Attendance

– Stephen Macharia – DEC Judge

– Hezekiel Gikambi – DEC Judge

– Lucy Karanja – Longhorn

– Davis Waithaka- eLimu

– Mr. Mwonga – Private Schools Cluster