Meet Nancy Kinyua DEC Winner

“Technology is the use of scientific knowledge in practical ways, easing the cumbersome and creating minimal work, hence an improved, satisfying and enjoyable living”. Nancy Kinyua, 20 years old from Thika School of Blind emerged top in Secondary English, Special Needs Category the top best in DEC .

Nancy was born in Kathunguri, Kirinyanga County. Her Mum passed on when she was 3 months leaving her Dad and Aunt (Sister to her Dad and a Single Mother) to take care of her. In 2005 her Dad also passed on leaving her orphaned with her two elder brothers.


Attended Kathunguri Primary School from 2004- 2012.


  • Best pupil in the school in 2012 attaining 351 out of 500
  • Class Prefect and Subject representative for Maths and English from class four to eight.
  • Received a Special Award from the school for being a Class Representative from Class four to eight without having indiscipline cases.


Nancy has attended two schools.

First was St. Angela Nguviu Girls High School from 2013 to 2014 in Form One and Two respectively and was appointed a Class Representative in Maths and Agriculture subjects due to her exemplary performance.

She was an active member of Maths, Christian Union, Music and Drama Clubs.

Nancy appreciation at school

Loss of Sight:

“This still remains as an unfolded phenomenon in my life. In the year 2014, I started suffering from severe headache. I sought medical attention but later in the year my eyes started having pain and feeling as if there as if there are some husks inside.”

She sought further medical assistance but this condition didn’t stop but instead worsened. Initially she could see shadows in motion and this deteriorated till she could see no more.

She had to drop out of school since her guardian was unable to seek proper medical attention due to financial instability. The condition continued for another one year while at home (in 2015). Luckily she got assistance from well-wishers and joined Machakos Institute for the Blind in 2016 where she learnt how to read and write in Braille.

She was appointed as Assistant Games Captain and Christian Union Official Secretary and a Class Representative.  Also a goal ball player to the National Level.

Nancy Kinyua Essay

”However, God is always righteous and Mighty. In 2016 I started regaining my sight slowly by slowly until in Dec the same year that I was able to read and write print with full

She joined Form One at Thika School for the Blind in January 2017 and participated in eKitabu Digital Essay Competition where she emerged top in Secondary English, Special Needs Category and was awarded a Laptop, National recognition among other prizes.