About eKitabu

For eKitabu (“Kitabu” is Swahili for “book,” Kitab or کتاب‎ in Arabic, Kitab or कताब in Hindi), the educational impact of books is our foundation, and on that proven foundation we innovate—to lower the cost of books for education and increase access to them—sustainably and at large scale.  eKitabu, through our open architecture, global repository of ebooks, and ecosystem partners, lowers the cost of delivering books for education in local languages by over 50%.  To date we have brought digital content to over 650 schools across Sub-Saharan Africa:  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana.

eKitabu has over 500,000 titles collected from educational publishers worldwide including books in Swahili, Arabic, Kinyarwanda and others approved for national curricula, with a growing list of languages and titles that scales to support new projects and countries where we work. The e-library is accessible globally and built to meet the highest standards for storage, security, delivery, and reporting for content creators—from independent local authors to the world’s largest publishers.

eKitabu Team

Meet the eKitabu Top Management Team

Mercy Kirui

Publishing Account Manager

Allan Onyango

Finance Manager

Michael Ngeno

Senior Program Manager

Jasmine Amondi

Assistant Publishing Account Manager

Amon Kibet

Digital Marketing Associate

Mercy Musyoki

Marketing Manager

Brian Agina

IT support

Kevin Irungu

Software Developer

Will Clurman

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthew Utterback

Co-Founder & Chairman
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