ICT Teacher Of The Year Award (iTOYA)

eKitabu in collaboration with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), CEMASTEA and Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) has come up with an award for the best innovative teachers in classroom practices in mathematics and sciences. This award is known as the iTOYA Award;

I for ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning

TOYA for Teacher of the Year Award

iTOYA 2018 winners

2018 iTOYA winners with eKitabu team at Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association AGM in Mombasa. The competition recognizes and awards teachers who integrate ICT in teaching and learning.

Teachers participate and benefit through a teacher’s competition to create innovative lessons in all subjects. This helps promote ICT Integration in teaching and learning in all subjects which helps achieve trans-formative educational outcomes.

Here is how to participate in the  iTOYA award program

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