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April 24, 2015
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Kenya in the 21st century has come with many innovations mostly the disruption of technology in the various aspects of our traditional industries. One of the sectors transformed significantly is the education and how teaching as well as learning is conducted in our Kenyan schools.At first, teachers used to write on a blackboard with dusty chalk, then came the whiteboard and erasable marker pens that solved the problem of the dusty chalks.Then came the use of digital whiteboards that you could control with a computer and if you could not afford that, there was the option of using a projector and a light magnetic stick for illustrations. They were expensive though and were both not taken up by most schools.Then schools adopted the use of computers and introduced computer studies in the school curriculum, and learners started using computers for the studies.The schools started by introducing desktop or tower computers and with time brought laptops in a bid individualize the technology. Now the schools have gone a notch further and brought tablets which are cheaper, lighter and more portable to their students and teachers.The use of either desktops, laptops or tablets and the use of e-books for learning coupled with / without the use of internet is what is called e-learning. The e-books can either be online -based where you have to be connected to the internet to access and read them.E-books can also be off-line based, that is downloaded from a host website (you need internet to access them) however you read them offline on your devices. There is also e-books that are loaded on a flash drive or on a memory stick and the e-books loaded on the desktop, laptop or tablet.The schools in Kenya that have embraced e-learning, that is the use of e-books for teaching and learning, are the ones, we at eKitabu LLC, call Digital Leaders.If your school also participates in our annual Digital Essay Competition which is open for primary schools from class 5 - 8 and secondary schools from form 1- 4. Public, private and international schools are all welcome to participate. The competition runs from around May 7th to around July 22nd of every year. The winning students, their teachers and school get laptops, tablets, e-books, interactive content and school fees.Visit to register and participate and win fabulous prizes in the 2015 Digital Essay Competition.

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