eKitabu Content Development Challenge
August 28, 2018
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eKitabu in collaboration with UNICEF, All Children Reading, and Kenya Publishers Association hosted The Content Development Challenge Workshop on Thursday 9th August 2018 at PrideInn Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. In attendance were publishers, partners, sponsors, teachers and invited guests.The Publishers in attendance were Longhorn Publishers, East African Educational Publishers, Storymoja, Moran Publishers, Spear Sharp, Oxford University Press, Bookmark Africa, Phoenix, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, African Storybook Project, Evangel, One Planet, Nsemia Publishers, The Discovery Centre, Kenya Literature Bureau and Herald Publishers

Organisations in attendance were representation from the Kenyan Government - Senate, UNICEF, Kenya Publishers Association, Libcad Foundation, Perkins School for the Blind, eLimu, SIL, Deaf Child WorldwideThe aim of the workshop was to equip the publishers with knowledge and skills of the anatomy of an EPUB to prototype a Digital Accessible Textbook for learners with visual impairments, deafness, and intellectual disabilities.

We have also developed a toolkit to help local publishers create digital, born-accessible content through open standards and open source tools to be used by publishers as a guide in the creation of EPUBS

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