eKitabu Tunaenda Digital Newsletter July 2020
July 15, 2020
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Dear Friends,To be sure we have lots going on at this time—with Digital Story Time broadcasting on KICD EDU Channel in Kenya, Digital Essay Competition online entries rising rapidly in recent weeks, and collaborations in countries near and far teaching us diverse lessons about our evolving ecosystem and this pandemic. But setting these and other things aside, I would like to take this letter to say hail and farewell to our dear respected, loved, and irreplaceable colleague Pete Openda, who passed away last month.Bwana Pete was always and for so many events and people that voice and presence at the podium, who brought grace and dignity to all of us through his steady, rich sound and warm humour. Pete was always in front, always the leading man at the microphone, and always at the same time a supporting character who anchored us reliably in a community, a community he made more special and more familiar through the constant and sonorous power of his sweet voice. Pete had the power to make us remember not only the sound but also the meaning of the proverb I think I must have heard from Pete when I heard it for the first time: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Pete had the power—we should call it by its name: convening power—the power to call us to come together and go together and go far. Now Pete has gone far, and we will miss him. The eKitabu team are grateful for Pete’s kindness and his help. We honour Pete Openda and we will not forget the voice, the man, the power. Go well Pete.Warmest regards,WillRead the entire newsletter here

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