eKitabu virtually trains teachers of the Deaf students in Ethiopia
August 17, 2021
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In June, members of the eKitabu team with support from Light for the World and Sign Language experts in Ethiopia trained five teachers of the Deaf virtually to use the assessment tool to bridge the gap in inclusive education.eKitabu and Royal Kentalis adapted a baseline assessment tool for sign language acquisition in order to support the development, delivery, and testing of inclusive teaching and learning environments through enhancing the use of technology in teaching. Using a sign language test which has been standardized and which has sound psychometric properties as a template for adaptation provided a good starting point. Our Partner and owner of the assessment tool, Royal Kentalis, worked with the eKitabu team and other professionals in the adaptation process. eKitabu and the Light for the World collaborated closely to ensure we delivered quality outputs according to the proposed objectives and timelines. We identified Kal Center as one of the DPOs to work with in prototyping the tool.“The sessions with eKitabu were quite informative and engaging. It came out clear that Sign Language acquisition among Deaf learners shares linguistic universals though still varies culturally. However, it’s still too early to conclude the characteristic features that the Ethiopian Deaf learners show, as this demands practical field research.” Eyasu Hailu Tamene, Assistant Professor of Ethiopian Sign Language and Deaf Studies at Addis Ababa University.eKitabu plans to partner with Light of the World to pilot the assessment tool. We will pilot the Assessment tool in two schools to assess the suitability of the test materials after which it will be adopted for use to support Sign Language development.Our meeting on the assessment tool training for teachers on 24th June 2021 proved to be a very productive step toward strengthening and gives the teachers readiness to implement the assessment tool.” Hana Shiferaw, Lecturer, Special Needs and Inclusive Education, College of Education and Behavioral Science, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

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