Family Of the Year Award 2021 Kickoff and Roundtable Discussion
September 29, 2021
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On Thursday 16th September 2021, eKitabu held the Family of the Year Award (FOYA) 2021 roundtable discussion on Zoom with over 65 parents, caregivers, teachers and eKitabu friends from The Ministry of Education, through the Directorate of Special Needs Education (DSNE), National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) and Humanity and Inclusion team from Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps.We have been working on the Family Of the Year (FOYA) program for the past three years, and launched last year during the pandemic. The program is open to all parents of children with and without disabilities to celebrate parents, caregivers, and families who find ways to improve their children’s learning. The COVID-19 pandemic gave special relevance to this experimental effort focused on the role of family in inclusive education at home and in school.The objectives of FOYA are to engage with families and understand their needs at home and school, including what support can help their children learn during the pandemic, and to encourage involvement of parents, caregivers, and families in their children’s learning needs.FOYA is an idea conceived by the eKitabu team in order to support parents' engagement in their children’s learning activities because we recognize that parents are key in the development, care, and education of their children. Parents' encouragement at home gives children a sense of belonging and inspiration to do their chores well at home and work hard in school. The eKitabu team is excited to work with parents, teachers and children in developing the FOYA program in order to engage families and promote a more inclusive and accessible education for all learners.

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