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July 16, 2015
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HistoryThe Catholic nuns of the order of Precious Blood Sisters established the school in 1964. Its enrolment was meant for children of indigenous from the immediate vicinity of Kawangware, Riruta and Uthiru, who had been adversely affected by the Mau-Mau struggle.It is located in Kawangware Location of Dagoretti constituency of Nairobi province 7km to the west from the city centre. The school is a two-streamed school with a student population of 360 students drawn from Nairobi province. However, with effect from 2008, a third stream was added by popular demand. The school sits on a ten-acre plot which contains the hostels, classrooms, science laboratories, staff houses (seven), kitchen, school hall, computer lab and playing fields.Having been effectively run and managed by the Precious Blood Sisters from 1964 to date, a major administration shift occurred in 2001 when Mrs Gladwell Mungai (a lay person) took over the reins of leadership as Principal. She handed over to Mrs Jacinta Akatsa in 2005 on her retirement having served the school for 24 years. I have been at the school from 1988 to date and bring a wealth of experience in teaching Biology and Chemistry and also in the domains of Sport, Music and Drama.Motto‘Forward ever, backward never’.AddressP.O.Box 21283-00505, Nairobi, Riruta, Kenya.Website:

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