Nsabiyumva Jules Real Life Story
April 6, 2022
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IntroductionMy name is Nsabiyumva Jules, a Rwandan living in Kigali-Nyarugenge. I was born hearing, then at the age of two years I had meningitis which took away my hearing capacity and I became deaf. I’ve been working with eKitabu as a Rwandan Sign Language signer in Digital Story Time since May 2020. For the last 8 years, I’ve been working in small businesses, and I also worked as a trainer in a project that aims at fighting against HIV AIDS in the deaf community. The project was the initiative of the Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD) in partnership with the Umbrella of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in the fight against HIV & AIDS and for Health Promotion (UPHLS).PassionI am passionate about soccer. I play and coach young kids in my village. I’ve also started doing photography with my friend who is also deaf.Best experienceI have taken part in the production of Rwandan Sign Language storybooks which allows me to provide my contribution to ensuring deaf children have access to reading materials. Besides supporting sign language video production, I love doing photography myself, and I am very keen to become a professional photographer one day. Favorite foodI love Rwandan food: capati, agatogo and sweet potatoes.During my free timeI have conversations with my friends who can sign as I do.What inspires meProfessional photographers inspire me. The adventure and the storytelling part of photography inspire me every day. My principleBeing punctual, focused, and self-reliant.Education journeyWhen I was 6 years old, my parents took me to the School for the Deaf, IFS Nyamirambo. After finishing the primary level, I continued my studies at the O level at HVP Gatagara where I finished with good grades after which I continued in high school at St. Joseph Integrated Technical College, Nyamirambo. I was the only deaf student at school without an interpreter but that didn’t stop me from passing the national exam for S6 in 2013.How has deaf education improved in RwandaWhile there are still areas to improve such as training more teachers in Rwandan Sign Language, I’m grateful for what we have achieved in deaf education. The number of deaf children accessing education has increased. The use of technology in schools has increased, and certainly, for deaf learners, this helps them to learn without the need for a sign language interpreter.My contribution to ensuring that deaf children learn to read in RwandaI am trying my best to do my duty to sign books as well as I can, so that the learners will feel motivated through those books, and can benefit from what I have done. I also advocate for young deaf children who need to go to school to learn how to read and through this knowledge find the bridge that will take them to their bright future as everyone wishes. What organizations in Rwanda are helping Deaf educationRNUD, eKitabu, National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR), UPHLS, USAID, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO).What I am hoping to achieve through working on the All Children Reading UnrestrICTed (ACRU) projectI am happy to be involved in the development of Deaf education. Through the work I do translate books into Rwandan Sign Language, I can help spread Sign Language skills all over. I can communicate with the public about how to use technology for education with the observable evidence. I am hoping to build my career as a professional Sign Language instructor and photographer in the future.Suggestions on the work being done under the ACRU projectI appreciate the work being done, and my wish is for the project could reach out to everyone in the country, even those who are in rural areas. How has the ACRU project impacted your life, both professionally and personallyI came to work on this project when the pandemic had already begun. In fact, due to the government instructions that were aimed to fight against Covid-19, I had been unemployed for so long that I was devastated by the financial turmoil. However, finding this job has helped me to rebuild my life, as well as allowed me to help my family. I was able to learn new skills by translating written texts into Rwandan Sign Language. I have also made a direct contribution to the team because I collaborated with my colleagues to make the work faster.

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