Teacher Beathaeli Njau Learns New Skills in Inclusive Education
January 9, 2024
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Jifunze Uelewe Activity 

Teacher Beathaeli Njau Learns New Skills in Inclusive Education

The lack of assistive technology and accessible learning materials for learners with disabilities in Tanzania is a significant challenge to achieving inclusive education. Assistive technology is becoming increasingly crucial to support inclusive and equitable quality education. In collaboration with USAID Jifunze Uelewe and the Government of Tanzania, eKitabu organized a capacity building training in Morogoro, Tanzania, to build teacher capacity on inclusive teaching and learning.

Beathaeli Njau, an English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, and Social Studies teacher at Kilakala Primary School in Morogoro, was among the teachers who benefited from the training. She is currently using the skills she learned in her school. Since the in-person training in June 2022, eKitabu has been connecting with teacher Njau regularly through WhatsApp to learn with her in how she is applying her new skills.

“From my experience, I have learned that teaching learners with special needs without different methods means that children will be left behind. Now I use different methods based on the needs of the learner. I use different methods and even devices in learning activities. At our school, we have been given laptops, flash drives, and televisions which we use during some lessons. Both learners and teachers have special programs for learning sign language every Friday,” noted teacher Njau.

Teacher Njau engaging her learners at Kilakala Primary School in Morogoro, Tanzania

Teacher Njau's unwavering passion for enabling learners with special needs to achieve their learning objectives is truly inspiring. Her experience in the Jifunze Uelewe training program, where teachers from different parts of Tanzania shared their experiences, showed the power of collaboration and the importance of inclusive education. She emphasized the need for more training and the use of assistive technologies to improve teaching and learning. 

Through the capacity building training, Jifunze Uelewe and eKitabu brought awareness of inclusivity in teaching and learning, and how to approach inclusive education utilizing accessible digital content and low-cost assistive devices. Teacher Njau's dedication and commitment to her students serves as an inspiration to us all.

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